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Mom's Eternal Love Angel

Mom's Eternal Love Angel

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"A Mother's Love is Forever"

The rose that never fades represents Faith in Love Forever.

Great for home decor. Would look amazing anywhere you want. Great gift for, Mother's Day. Our Eternal Angel creates a comforting feeling in the house when spending time with your loved ones.

❤️ Made With Love
🤲 Hand made with love
🌹 Encased by a glass dome
😍 Features a charming base
❤️ Makes birthdays and anniversaries special

Unique Gift Idea!

Expressing your love for that special someone uniquely and elegantly! To add to the beauty of a Eternal Angel , the never-fade preservation dome represents all the efforts made between you and your significant other to preserve the beauty of what you have together!

Endlessly Delightful Gift for Yourself or Loved Ones

Whether you are getting this piece of art for yourself or as a very special gift for someone else, it will definitely keep the lucky recipient endlessly delighted.
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