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The Hug Ring is a Sterling Silver band that can be worn as a reminder of how much someone or something means to you.
Its simple and elegant design allows it to be discreetly worn on the finger, as a necklace, or as part of a set with one for the other fingers.

"Some believe that hugs can heal.
Some believe that a hug is the best gift you can give.
Some believe that a hug from a loved one can make everything better.
And some believe that sometimes, you just need to give yourself a hug"

A symbol of love, health, and healing. A ring that's capable of making a difference.
Give your loved ones, family & friends a hug with this special gift.

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Customer Reviews

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Martha E.

This is value for money, I don't usually trust buying jewelry online but I'm glad that this one didnt end up being fake or anything, the ring is beautiful and you can adjust it to any size you'd like and it doesn't make your skin go green, it is also stamped

Sarah E.

I love these rings. Every time I look down I feel like I'm getting a little hug. They are so cute and fit really well. Sometimes the hands catch on things but It hasn't been that big of a deal.

Rachel H.

I love this. You do have to be careful when doing jobs round the house as you can catch it where the hands are.!! But i love it. 👌❤

Beth U.

My Mum and I bought each other 'hug' rings from another seller during a difficult time, but they broke after a few months.

It is worth spending the extra for this ring. It is twice the thickness of the cheaper rings, and much more robust, without being bulky or uncomfortable. Beautiful and great quality.

Vivian I.

Bought one for me and one for my daughter as she went off to uni. We both love them. Proper material, adjustable without being flimsy or looking like they might break (though we did adjust them with care). I wear mine every day, my daughter most days, and they still look gorgeous and feel super comfy. I've once caught one of the hands under a supermarket shelf and it skewed the ring - with a bit of careful manipulation I got it back into shape, and I'll be more careful now when reaching under shelves when shopping!
Highly recommend as a sweet gift for a loved one who you wish you could hug every day.